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This pic of Dr. Farhad Ardeshapour appears staged, but was spontaneous. The scene lasted about 2 seconds before everyone scattered.

We are happy to announce that with a donation of $50.00 or more, you will receive a beautiful Ethiopian scarf. Please make sure after you make your donation to contact us for the color of preference and shipping address. Thank you again for your support.

SAO is ready for our next Mission to Addis Ababa Ethiopia from March 17 to April 4.  We want to thank everyone who makes this possible, but specially thanks to Boeing for their continuous support in the transportation of medical supplies and equipment, last shipment left Seattle this past January 24. Complete List of Items [...]

Returning from a life-changing journey to Ethiopia, along with a diverse team of volunteer doctors, and medical professionals from the Seattle Anesthesia Outreach (SAO), Fred Volkers and Domenico DiGregorio embarked on the initial phase of implementing several plumbing infrastructure improvements in local medical facilities. As we described in our last post, the unthinkable conditions at Black Lion [...]

BIG THANK YOU TO THE SEATTLE AREA’S ETHIOPIAN COMMUNITY   “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Need proof?  Consider the accomplishments of this small, thoughtful, committed—not to mention determined, hardworking, creative, big-hearted–group of friends: Aida Solomon Aman Siraj Assaye Abunie [...]

Mission Statement
To provide support for the improvement of medical care in developing areas of the world with particular emphasis on anesthesia and peri-operative services. SAO has no religious affiliation
Annual Report
Our goals are: To continue to sponsor two trips per year; to focus on improving the teaching capability of AAU; to purchase and acquire equipment as possible; and to facilitate strategic infrastructure improvements when feasible. Download the full 2012 report here (PDF).