SAO wouldn’t be where we are today without our volunteers. Today I’d like to profile one of our volunteers, Philip Cook. Philip is an Anesthesia Technician. He has been on 6 trips to Ethiopia and 1 trip to Ecuador with SAO.What drives you to do volunteer work:
“I enjoy the challenges. As many other of my mission co-workers can attest to, there is never a shortage of them on a mission. I enjoy finding the solutions whether they be in a greasy machine shop in a sketchy part of Addis, or in the bottom of a cargo box that arrived a week late.
“What is your favorite memory of an SAO trip: “Favorite memory would have to be walking back from dinner one night and all the electricity in the city going out and the insanity that ensued afterward. It’s a very long story but it was definitely a memory that will be stuck in my head forever.”
What projects have you worked on with SAO: “I have worked on so many projects over the years. Over the past few missions, I have helped get a new operating room and surgical floor up and running. I helped equip a new ICU at Zewditu and played clinic manager at the dialysis clinic for a week or two. In the past, I have refitted the ICU at Black Lion with new monitors, assisted in relocating their Biomed shop and repaired so many pieces of medical equipment that I have lost count.”
What outside interests do you have: “I enjoy spending time camping and traveling with my lovely and beautiful wife and our amazing son. We enjoy going to Lake Coeur d’Alene and the Pacific Coast. We also love going to the zoo and the Pacific Science Center.”
Thanks, Philip for your contributions to SAO!!!