Annual Reports

2012 Annual Report

SAO has been quite active. Besides continuing our existing endeavors, we initiated several new projects in 2012. We expect to continu our existing efforts in 2013. However, we are now close to outstripping our resources, and the board of directors feels that at this time, further expansion is not an option. We will support our existing programs, with the understanding that nurtureing a smaller number of dynamic projects is preferable to our being spread too thinly.

Our goals are: To continue to sponsor two trips per year; to focus on improving the teaching capability of AAU; to purchase and acquire equipment as possible; and to facilitate strategic infrastructure improvements when feasible.

Raising money for our efforts remains a daunting task. We will continue to search for stable funding that will allow us to focus more on our work and less on raising money. We take, as a strict responsibility, a determination to spend our donors’ money both efficiently and thoughtfully.

SAO at this time is largely comprised of a diverse group of health care providers allied with a group of supportive donors. We sincerely and gratefully thank our donors for allowing these efforts. These donation go directly to helping improve healthcare for some of the most impoverished people on this lonely planet.

Download the full 2012 report here (PDF)